Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still Life with Cigarette and Whiskey

     Atonal and absent, she sat

     with a cigarette and whiskey;
in the recesses of dark corners

     lit by a single ember.

     I watch
as she sips her fire, paying her

     fingers careful attention as

     they slide across a glistening cylinder.

A soft amber encased in glass

in slow burning sips I forget and

     lose my sense of self—

          become a part—

     as the smoke blurs my vision,

     I try to look beyond.
Words lose their sense of purpose

     in this place
in rapid conversations between strangers

     alternating between contexts—

          coming apart—

     as lips licked pursue other venues,

     I try to look beyond.


Blogger holly said...

nice! i didnt know what your blog link was until now. . . this gives me great visuals, so fluid and smokey. i like.


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