Thursday, July 28, 2005

those incandescent moments
that hover like ghosts
between us--
those brief minutes of
transcendence when it all dissolves
into moonshadows, smiling;

those incandescent moments,
those hovering ghosts
lingering in the space between.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still Life with Cigarette and Whiskey

     Atonal and absent, she sat

     with a cigarette and whiskey;
in the recesses of dark corners

     lit by a single ember.

     I watch
as she sips her fire, paying her

     fingers careful attention as

     they slide across a glistening cylinder.

A soft amber encased in glass

in slow burning sips I forget and

     lose my sense of self—

          become a part—

     as the smoke blurs my vision,

     I try to look beyond.
Words lose their sense of purpose

     in this place
in rapid conversations between strangers

     alternating between contexts—

          coming apart—

     as lips licked pursue other venues,

     I try to look beyond.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Disabled Landscape

four gold-rimmed shot glasses of absinth
pinpricks of digital noise sprinkled over an elongated falsetto croon
a smeared glass stare with headphones
tar splatter and red acrylic
gathering onlookers in blue jeans and sneakers
leather jackets and slacks pass by the window
socks pink sheath feet tucked into black suede
a momentary lapse in sound
those often missed reflections
standing proud like an erection in the sunlight
a feast of eyes, a satchel of tongues
a wave or eye flutter
congenitally malformed function of gender-typing
face traced by lightbulbs
a tepid laugh and a concealed grin.